“Stainless Steel Evaporative Condenser With Stainless Steel Coil “

Stainless Steel Evaporative Condenser



ECF series

Fiberglass casing, stainless steel coil and
structure Lighter weight and clean look with less staining.


ECS series

Stainless steel casing, stainless steel coil and structure
Food grade material for food industry.


Heavy Duty Fan Motor
High performance axial flow fan operated at
960 rpm directly driven with cast iron casing
motor for greater corrosion resistance.


ECF series : Fiberglass casing
ECS series : Stainless steel casing


Made of fiberglass or stainless steel and
designed to minimize volume of water for low operating weight.


Water Pump
Close-coupled centrifugal water pump with
low head and high flow rate. Coming with
stainless steel support frame.


All structures are made of stainless steel.

Spray Nozzle
Multi-layer spray nozzle is our own patented
and designed to spray water throughout coil
surfaces during all operating time.


Condenser Coil
Made of stainless steel included support frame and
pressure tested at 25 bar(g).


Drift Eliminator
Made of non corrosion PVC with UV protection, high efficiency,
low drift loss and built in section for easy to service.


Inlet Louver
Corrosion resistant PVC with UV protection.
Stainless steel louver is an optional.


Axial Fan
Hub part is manufactured in a pressure die cast SILUMIN ALLOY with anti-corrosion.
Fan blade is manufactured in a glass reinforced polyamide (PAG). Operating under Temperature range -40°C to +120°C.


 Brochure and specification 
ECS ECF General Standard Brochure icon-flag-en.jpg  
ECS ECF Australia Standard Brochure icon-flag-en.jpg  
Engineering data
ECS ECF General Standard Engineering DATA  icon-flag-en.jpg  
ECS ECF Layout guidelines  icon-flag-en.jpg    icon-flag-th.jpg 
ECS ECF Rigging assembly and installation  icon-flag-en.jpg    icon-flag-th.jpg
Operation and maintenance
ECS ECF Operation and maintenance       icon-flag-th.jpg
ECS ECF Unit storage instruction icon-flag-en.jpg    icon-flag-th.jpg